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Video streaming has come a long way from the old days when transferring video wasn’t even possible on the Internet. Today, businesses all over the world use video streaming as a tool for marketing and communication, as well as a modern means of providing entertaining or educational content.

Video streaming platforms have adopted cloud scaling to enable larger bandwidth and speed. These factors are necessary to handle heavier video requirements and provide a better viewing experience.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present BINGE Networks —an award-winning streaming media platform. The BINGE App is built into over 100 smart TV networks, providing the ability to globally and instantly syndicate and monetize content through key strategic partnerships throughout the streaming media industry.

BINGE Networks is headquartered in Florida.

Bonnie Bruderer, BINGE Networks Founder, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.


Tell us about the flexibility in your services for content creators.

Binge is built for flexibility. We provide several different monetization structures so that the client controls how much they earn. We take care of every aspect from A-Z, from providing ads to offering A-VOD, S-VOD, and PPV Channels.


How do you maintain the quality of your services? Do you have a well-established strategy to find engaging content and do you have quality checks or criteria?

Our highly trained team of expert account managers, content strategists, and sales agents know the exact formulas to create success. We revert to every single channel that applies to our distribution service to ensure high-quality standards.


Due to covid19 people are now more invested in streaming services. How has that affected your business?

One tiny silver lining of the COVID19 pandemic is that streaming behavior has increased exponentially, overnight. Compound that with the fact that all production ceased virtually overnight, there is a massive need for great content. We have experienced more growth since the pandemic started and have been able to successfully negotiate more great deals for our clients than ever before.


Who or what has shaped who you are?

My daughters (dog and human) have shaped who I am today. Besides, working for Tony Robbins and Harvey Mackay played a major role in shaping my career thus far.


Describe a time you had to make a tough decision. What did you do and what was the result?

The toughest decision I have ever had to make was when we shifted from being a production house to a distribution platform. I had to completely cut off the revenue stream for 90 days for what I thought was the right direction to take the company forward. I am glad that the decision I made is working for us.


What other CEOs do you look up to? Why?

Oprah Winfrey. She started a network from a show and has always been a strong role model. I also love anyone that has achieved greatness from adversity, so Jack Ma is one of my favorites too.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

Know what you want to achieve and work for it. Things might get a little bit murky; nonetheless, keep working towards your goal.


What do you think is the most memorable moment in your career?

The most memorable moment in my career is sitting in meetings with companies that would not even return e-mails or calls a few short years ago; discussing a potential acquisition or
sale of my company.

Bonnie Bruderer: A Reliable Entrepreneur

Bonnie Bruderer is the founder of BINGE Networks. She’s a unique, passionate, talented entrepreneur. Her extensive resume spans from being a successful entrepreneur, certified corporate performance coach, business marketing strategist, renowned speaker, branding consultant, senior mentor for ‘The Anthony Robbins Companies & Life Mastery’ event director in Namale, Fiji to 4x Author, Triathlete & Ironman Finisher, to name a few. She has also been a guest on NBC, ABC, FOX, The New Morning Show, as wells as other high profile media outlets.

Ms. Bruderer is an avid dog lover, and also the founder of the Dirty Dog Pet Product Line. She is a new mom of a gorgeous little girl named Olive. She is also a passionate philanthropist in the adoption world, advocating for change in the laws around domestic adoption. She founded which creates awareness and donates a percentage of all revenues to help fund adoptions.