What happens when I join BINGE as a CHANNEL PARTNER?

Our team is here to help you, every step of the way. We offer e-mail support M-F, and you can reach us at channel@bingechannels.com

Immediately after registering, you will receive an e-mail from us: BINGE Networks, that will have all of the instructions on sending in your graphics, and the content release document.

Please check your spam, if you do not receive immediately, as sometimes it ends up there.

We can build out your CHANNEL within 24-hours of receiving your artwork and signed agreement.

How do I monetize my content?

With our Pay-Per-View platform you set the price on each video and we do the rest! You receive a 70% revenue share commission on all content purchases each month.

How do I find my content?

You will have a unique link to your CHANNEL that you can post and share, and we hope you do. This will be sent to you, with the announcement to our social media (250K) that your channel is up and running. This is how people find you on BINGENetworks.tv 

For the APPLE and Android stores simply search BINGE Networks, and you can download the app. The app can be texted and shared, by gently pressing on it, on your phone screen.

On ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE TV you simply type in: BINGE Networks on the set-top box. For all of the other remaining network, we are built into the Smart TV, so all you need to do is go to the app store on the respective TV and you type in: BINGE Networks.

How many people see my content?

All shows are distributed on all 50 of the networks. You can find an updated media kit on our site, in the top right. We update this quarterly, to reflect any new metrics: www.bingenetworks.tv

Can I track views to my own channel?

Right now, we do not offer individual reporting for each channel. You are welcome to use Google Analytics or any other method. We publish metrics about the network, not individual channels.

How do you promote my content?

Any way we can. We work directly with our main distributors, to get premiere placement within the apps. We also post every new channel on our social media to 250K+. We do regular FaceBook Live shows and also the biggest asset is the combined audience of all of our CHANNEL partners, like you.

What size are the graphics I need to provide?

For the slider: 1920(width) * 685 (height)

For the thumbnail: 1920 (width) * 1080 (height)

How long am I locked into the contract?

You are free to go at any time. We believe in adding so much value that our CHANNELS partners never leave, vs losing you into something that doesn’t feel good for you. You are free to cancel before the next billing date.

What does OTT, cord-cutter and connected device television mean?

Essentially accessing television without your “pesky” cable bill.

How do I upload content?

Step 1,  go to “sign up” on www.bingenetworks.tv

Step 2: Go to “sign in” and enter your username and password, then upload your content in all caps: CHANNEL NAME-SHOW NAME.

The shows will be placed on your channel within 24-48 hours.

Why are my shows not available instantly?

We are working with television networks, not social media. We have to encode every video for 50 different networks and submit. This takes time.

How can I share my content even more?

We have built in all of the hottest share-ability features, like Rating each video, sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The ability to comment. You should absolutely be asking all of your followers to do this, as it will increase your visibility.