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Video distribution in SmartTV and OTT outlets around the world.
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Man watching BINGE Networks on a Smart TV

BINGE is a wonderful platform with a very supportive team which has enabled me to get my message of Visionary Yoga – Yoga as a powerful Personal Development modality – to a larger audience. If you’re looking to get more visibility with video content, look no further!

Mariko Hirakawa

Visionary Yoga

For me, being on BINGE was an absolute easy decision. It is a great way to get your content out there and make a huge difference in the world.

Kelly Resendez


I feel so blessed to have these diverse opportunities to bring our content to a new audience and hopefully add new members to our Waldrup Worldwide family. To be partnered with Binge and have my own smart TV channel is amazing!

Karen Waldrup


As a professional TV Chef I am always looking for ways to optimize my content. BINGE Networks has been a dream come true. The process was so simple and the uploading was even easier. I love knowing that within minutes my content is available on platforms all around the world. I would recommend Binge Network as on of the top video optimizers around.

Chef Ace Champion

Cook Like A Champion